tangible T4 Editor (Alpha) in VS2010 Beta 2 shows up… (Updated)

Speedy development – awesome design. With no code changes betwen Beta1 and Beta 2 the tangible T4 Editor in its current alpha bits form brings light to “.tt” files in Beta 2 right from the start.

Download and install instructions(Click here)

Go get it from the extension manager to start customizing code generation and wizrards in VS2010 Beta 2 – Code Gen from the new cool Team System UML Diagrams, Entity Framework 2.0 and more…

In Visual Studio just goto Tools->Extension Manager and search for tools online. If you are an admin do not forget to click on the “Allow loading user extensions button".

Update: Here is a list of useful How-Tos from Tim Fischer

How To: Migrate T4 Text Templates from VS2008 to VS2010 Beta 2

How-To: Generate Code from Team System UML Diagrams in VS 2010 Team System Beta 2

How-To: Transform Team System UML Class Diagrams into Database Diagrams and actual ORM-Classes with T4


tangible engineering GmbH said...


If you've had the editor installed before (in Beta 1 for instance) you need to remove the AppData directory:
C:\Users\< u s e r n a m e>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\Extensions\tangible engineering
That's all, then it works "as advertised".

tangible engineering GmbH said...

You need to download the correct version of beta2 if you still need that. Current bis are for RC.

Checkout the details at visualstudiogallery.com to get the bits.