tangible modeling tools plus T4 Editor 1.1 released - tons of new features!

What is new in T4 Editor V1.1? Improved Syntax-Highlighting, Outlining & Smart Indenting, Snippet-Support (VS Snippets are used), Bracket Highlighting for T4 Blocks,   Copy Selection as HTML for Bloggers, Intelli-Prompt for Pragmas, #include support, Full support for Oleg's T4 Toolbox, Extensible Drag&Drop Magic for Xml, Xsd & Diagrams to easily create generators from models/files - just via Drag and Drop.


You can now take advantage of #include directive support. Just create a reusable template from the AddItem Dialog and add it to your project. You can then call this templates body by calling this.Template1_Render()


Have fun with structured templates.

If you want even more control about templates like multiple output files you should also install Oleg’s T4 Toolbox.

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