Version 1.9 available - enhancing Intelli-Sense and Template Gallery and 2010 specials

IntelliSense resolution for VS2010 in the PRO Edition have been significantly enhanced and resolves special scenarios reported by advanced users. Also, XML-Comments of files are also shown in tooltips for your own assemblies. We do not lock files and when you close your solution event the T4 Engine will release it's locks so you can rebuild. We pick then up the change once you (re-)open the tt-file.

We did now implement support for Environment Variables and Build Macros in assembly references e.g. $(ProjectDir)\$(OutDir)\MyDLL.dll for VS2010.

We did implement support for new template path resolution. If you have nested templates>b.ttinclude->c.ttinclude then in VS2010 you can use relative paths to refer from one template toanother no matter of which directory they sit in.

We did change CTRL+F also to copy the current selected item into the box (much requested).

We now support Font Settings in VS2010 and pick up the default text font you set for your Core VS Text Editor.

The Vs2008 and VS2010 T4 Editor plus modelling tools are side by side compatible.

The next release will focus on DSL-Directive processor support for your own VS2010 DSLs as they changed in VS2010 and need some tweaking to make your life easier.

Last but not least: I want to THANK YOU - our customers of FREE and PRO Edition for providing your feedback and working with us so closely. It's a pleasure to have you all and work with you!

Tim Fischer, CEO tangible engineering GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

You can get the bits here:

For VS2008 the release is now also available.

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