tangible T4 Editor V1.2 introduces an in-product T4 Online Template Gallery

So we just announced V1.2 - but what is new in T4 Editor? We added a lot of stability and smaller features to the editor – but most importantly we added the ability to work with the Template Gallery from within product. You can now share your templates with the world by publishing them or you can just organize them for yourself.


To activate the feature just click on the editor with right mouse button and select “Insert Code from Gallery” from the Context Menu. Then select any template and press Insert Code Button to get this inserted.

Alternatively you can just drag and drop a file with a know extension e.g. an Activity Diagram from the Project Explorer onto the T4 Editor to show related Snippets. For .tt and .ttinclude files we just automatically add <@# include #> directives.

You can then also Click on “Search Online Templates” to get thee latest templates. To Create a new template use the Clone Feature on one of the existing templates. You will then be prompted for email and password. You can specify any password. We only store a hash of it in the xml file locally on your disk. The file is located in <userdir>\appdata\TangibleT4Editor\DragAndDropActions.xml.

Then you can use the Edit button to enter editing mode for your template. You will need to authorize yourself again (against the xml file only). If and only if you want to share your template with the world you can do so using the Publish Template button. Then we will transfer the template on our server with the secret hash of your keywords only. So we can protect your template against other users modifying it.

Please make your indications about license etc in the corresponding files shown in edit mode in the Tab Metadata at the bottom of the screen.

We hope this feature helps to build a vital T4 community.

Have fun !
Regards, tangible engineering development team.

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