Checkout tangible architect 4.0 SP1 - the .NET Software Factory for Database Applications

tangible architect 4.0SP1 for VS.NET 2005 - UML, MDA, RAD and Database Management all in one tool suite.

tangible architect is a model-driven rapid application development tool that greatly reduces the effort and time you spend on building and maintaining .net database applications. tangible architect allows you to build any kind of .NET application and does not restrict you in User Interface design or architecture – although it does most of the development job for you. tangible architect is completely integrated in the Visual Studio development environment and comes with its own wizards.

Based on a model of your business objects such as customers, orders or invoices; tangible architect generates the implementation of these business objects including logic for data storage, retrieval and display. You can then drag and drop these objects to design the user-interface of your application seamlessly. After that you can already run the application and further enrich the business objects with custom logic if needed.

During deployment of your application, tangible architect can even automatically install the database schema or update an existing database schema for you. tangible architect ensures, model, code and database schema are all in sync and can be easily modified by the touch of button making you much more agile and responsive to new requirements. tangible architect integrates with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

tangible architect 4.0 SP1 - adds custom code template support + five new Diagram Types: Added tangible modelling tools for Use Case Modelling, State Chart Modelling, Component Modelling, Class Modelling and Activity Modelling. Added support for custom code templates with the MS T4-Generation Engine from inside VS.NET.

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